About NEW

A New Approach to Total Healthcare

Whole Health Kinetix is committed to helping individuals attain an optimal quality the patient in the driver’s seat of their own well being. WHK continually explores and implements natural ways to achieve optimal health. Whether it’s working with individuals, physicians or health professionals, WHK comes alongside the patient to educate, motivate, and provide the highest quality of health care from diagnosis to treatment.

Why We Exist

Whole Health Kinetix is designed to prevent illness before it starts! There is an urgent need for a custom tailored natural treatment strategy for each person. WHK is dedicated to this solution. Certified integrative health consultants and medical professionals have teamed up to address each person’s genetic makeup and create a preventative approach to true wellness and optimal energy.

David Slater MD

I have spent way too many years running from room to room, writing too many unnecessary prescriptions and taking care of people who came in with something ‘broken’ and wanting me to fix it with a pill. All the while wanting to just slow down enough to really dig deep and take care of the whole person sitting in front of me. Now at Whole Health Kinetix, I can. Hope to see you for comprehensive, personal, thorough health care soon! 

David Slater, M.D.